On Email Pranks

Oh, yes, email pranks are among the easiest to pull, but they can also be the least satisfying, especially in this day and age of spam when people just don’t respond to everything.

My favorite line goes something along the lines of “I found your wallet at the grocery.”  Usually someone will respond with, nope, sorry, I have my wallet, but once a guy really did lose his wallet.  I arranged to meet him to give it back to him, but of course I didn’t show up.  After that, he wrote me a message calling me everything from the C-word to a Mofo.  It wasn’t very nice, but I was delighted with the response.

Another one I often use is “You got me pregnant.”  It’s funny when I send it to women.  They always are so apologetic about being the wrong email address.  Once I insisted that a woman was the one who “got me pregnant.”  She ended up sending me links on reproduction and sex, and I told her to stop sending me porn.  That was the end of that one.  The guys can be fun, too, especially if you get one who is desperately trying to remember who he’s had sex.

I get the email addresses from random websites.  It’s fun to start at one blog and keep clicking on the links until you get to some guy from Zimbabwe or some exotic, erotic place like that, and then telling him he owes the US government $1,000 for his last trip there.


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  1. Lilize on

    i think it is very possible for a woman to get another one pregnant. for example, i have 2 female friends and one of them talked the other one into going to bed with a third (male) friend.
    the girl with whom the guy slept with got knocked up thus, her friend (indirectly) got her pregnant!

    ok, this was far fetched. hehe 🙂

  2. velvarowe32264 on

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