Stupid people should die

Really. I mean, they have the Darwin Awards for those who do, but there should be more Darwin Awards. I mean, we should round up anyone with an IQ of less than 100 (I’d prefer 110 or 120) and stick them in giant pens with guns, dogs, thumbtacks, some duct tape, and paperclips and see how many of them kill themselves. We could do it, say, once a month? The way I figure it is that we could have the dumbest ones dead in a year, and we can reevaluate how often we need to round them up after that.

Just imagine – a life without people who turn left from the right lane, or people who stand on the left side of an escalator, or George W. Bush. What a wonderful world that would be, then maybe we could listen to Louie’s song, although it needs to be turned into a punk song with mind rattling guitars, because I can’t take that slow shit.


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